Blogs are supposed to be short and to the point, so here goes! For this to be of benefit, however, you will have to at least read Genesis 29, as we consider the age-old question of love, and the kind that endures. The kind you want.

Genesis 29 question to ponder: What kind of love is it, that 7 years would seem like a few days? Before you read further, take some time to answer this!

What is going on IN that relationship for those 7 years? In this culture, the woman was of lower rank than the man, and yet Jacob was captivated by Rachel. Why? Certainly not just her beauty, for he could have had others. Was it her skill as a shepherd? Is that what a man wants?

What kind of communication do you think they had? Was there any kindness, caring, sacrifice of self, or romance?
How did they keep the love alive? Do you really think it was just hormones? Of course not! Other pretty faces were there, and other handsome men! Perhaps even some seducers!

What has to happen to keep a relationship so fresh and exciting that 7 years seems like a few days? And, after 7 years, what kind of love is it that goes another 7 years??? Was it HIS love for her, or HER love for him, or did they BOTH somehow keep this love alive? Could the “commitment” made at the beginning sustained them?

Is “commitment” enough? Or is commitment just the evidence of their character, because of PROMISE? Can “promise” yield love, or did love come first and then promise? Strong love, then, yields a commitment to promise!

If we can’t explain WHY love happens, but CAN know when it does, what should we do? Do people really FALL into love?

If this CAN happen, shouldn’t we wait until it happens before we marry? Young people, listen to me!!!