To: Men of the church
From: Pastor Skip
Re: What does it mean to be a manly man?

Hello men. I send you this letter in hopes you will actually read it.

You are
1. Moving into a crisis
2. In the midst of a crisis
3. Resolving a crisis
4. Repeating 1 thru 3.
5. Delusionally trying to avoid the whole thing, and failing! or
6. For a minuscule better-than-winning-the-lottery few, perhaps living in a period of peace.

Yeah, I know, you all picked number 6, in hopes no one would push it.

What does it even mean to “be manly”? The world is answering it with the ways of our culture, which isn’t working very well. God has given us much to learn about His design for being the kind of man He wants us to be. And, there are two kinds of manly men. The worldly manly man, and the Godly manly man. We would do well to figure this out, so we could make right(eous) decisions!

Help is available, and not just in the spiritual sense of “read your Bible and do what it says.” Practical help is available too, and it rests with each of us. I refer to shoe-leather Christianity, based on a sandal-clad Savior, Who wants men to be men, as they follow Him.

Over the years it’s been called Discipleship, Teamwork, Mentoring, Personal coaching, or Life coaching, and a host of other terms. The reality is that it is always based on relationship, man to man, beyond the level of “Hi, how are ‘ya?”

Let’s go there. Let’s be willing to let down the guards of personal protection, which aren’t working, and allow a little genuine vulnerability into our lives, together. We are soldiers, in a way, who need to know someone has our 6, and then be ready to BE that someone. We can’t do this if we won’t.

1. By coming to the men’s breakfasts, and the men’s Summit next month, and asking the Holy Spirit to “connect” us.
2. By seeking one another out during the week for some fellowship.
3. By putting in the effort, which may take a little surrender of pride, and a measure of prayer! Wow.

What ARE the crises we face? Marriage? Of course. Job stuff? Probably. Physical issues? Emotional pains? Money? Kids? Go ahead, customize your list any way you wish, but let’s get some help! Let’s get some perspective from one another, as iron sharpens iron in the furnace of God almighty!

Let’s find out more of what it means to be Godly manly men!

Pastor Skip