A Word from Pastor Robert B. (Skip) Heiney

The name Dayspring is taken from the Gospel of Luke 1:76 (KJV) … “The Dayspring from on high hath visited us.”

It is our constant prayer for this to happen, each and every day, and certainly when we meet as a church body.  Jesus Christ is the Dayspring, Who has poured Himself out to us in the Person of the Holy Spirit, Whom we seek to be immersed in completely.

We gather, therefore, to deepen our relationship with Him and with one another.  We welcome all who know Him, or seek to know Him, and yearn for His soon appearing.

Our liturgy is not formal, yet we are serious in our pursuit of Christ, the outpouring of His Spirit, the maturing bond of love.

Worship is important to the Lord and so we make worship a priority. 

Diverse ministry is important, so we make that a priority also. 

Since fellowship is essential to His Church, that is a third priority we keep dear.