I’ve been reading again the exceptional story of the Exodus of God’s people out of Egypt. Let’s face it, we don’t like being in captivity or bondage. We want out. We want freedom.

This happened thousands of years before America demanded freedom from the British, and yet we Americans have a passionate desire to KEEP our freedoms! What people on Earth would resist freedom? None! (The only freedom we would ever resist is the freedom of the other guy, so that WE could live better by having him be our slave.)
God shows up, tells Moses what to do, and helps the people out of bondage. Drinks all around, right? No; murmuring and complaining all around! What’s WITH these people?

As the story goes on it gets worse. Instead of being a people full of FAITH, convinced by the mighty Hand of God upon Egypt, they keep resisting Moses, and God Who is directing him. Moses goes to meet with God up on the mountain, and the people violate the previously given ‘commandments,’ by again ‘forgetting what God said’ and off to do their own thing. In this case an idol. (Doing our own thing doesn’t seem to be working.)

What happened to faith?

Why did the people so quickly abandon their faith?

I can quickly move into praising God as I read this story of such a stubborn, stiff-necked people of the Old Covenant, rejoicing that I now live in the time of the New Covenant. I can easily worship God when I consider what He has done for me in, with, by, and through Jesus Christ. He has paid the price, and I am set free. Glory Hallelujah! I must say, however, it humbles me to think that I am not so much different from those folks in the days of the Exodus.

What happened to faith?

And how do we get it back?

By doing what we’re doing now?

Or, do we need to make the leap?

Trust God. Believe. Rejoice. And let His Holy Spirit change things…