America faces many challenges, and our government is so locked up in political disagreement that neither side can accomplish much. Why is this? Does history give us any clues, or answers? I think it does.

When a people quit depending upon the Lord and just do what they want to do, then the Lord allows them to decay. He withholds His Blessings, and the nation hurts or fails. When the pain is so great that the people call again upon God, He answers them and re-enters their daily lives to lead them, and to see if they will follow.

Nothing is impossible with Him, but He doesn’t seem to provide the miraculous power at His command until a people are surrendered to Him. In other words, He lets us do whatever we think we can do, until we get to the point where we recognize that we really DO need the Lord! I suggest that is the answer to the problems America faces today.

Providing for thousands of immigrants is no problem for God Almighty, and He can do it such that the nation absorbing them prospers instead of declines. Generosity, after all, doesn’t COST us, it provides the pipeline for God to pour Blessings.

It seems to me that the issues of the day, so hotly debated in Congress, are all being debated without any concern for God at all. No mention of Jesus Christ. No invitation for the Holy Spirit. So the Godhead waits.

The Biblical history of the Jews is there for us to learn from. It wasn’t the people who rallied to call upon the Lord to effect a deliverance, it was a King, who, in desperation sought the advice of a “man of God,” heard the call to repent, and did so. Time and again the record shows that a certain King “did what was evil in the sight of the Lord” and bad things happened, until, after too many years and too much pain, another king “did what was pleasing to the Lord” and was blessed.

The argument that America is not a kingdom is silly. We are told in Romans to submit to our authorities, and the New Testament instructs us to honor and obey them. Why? Because if our “authorities” don’t seek and obey the Lord then God will remove blessings, and when the people figure this out they will call again upon the Lord and vote in Godly “authorities.” That’s where we find ourselves today, sort of.

We are beginning to see that it isn’t working, but who is calling out to God? Are Christians really doing so? I wonder. Are we voting for Godly people or people who claim a political view we like? How bad does it have to get? Can America survive that long?

My point here is that by removing Jesus Christ from the every-day efforts of the Congress and the Courts we have severed our very life-line. We’ve gone way past being faith neutral, to being aggressively faith denying, as far as government goes.

Skip Heiney, in Banks, Oregon, can call upon the Lord, and does, but I think the hope for America is for our President, our Congress, and our Courts to do so. They are our authorities. They are the ones who must lead this Nation back, and they don’t care! I will write them and share my advice, praying that God will give them eyes to read …