Dear Church,

I’ve just been watching the opening segment of The Bible on the History Channel, and I am struck by one profound truth. I’m sure there are many more, but this one stood out for me: Promise. After all the debate one could have about how God works and why, it is clear that what He promises, He achieves. We may not know the why’s of it all, but we can trust in His Promises. This certainly sets our God apart from other gods, who can deliver nothing, and no one.

Some of you did a further study on the I AM, and what the Word of God says about you. Good for you; it’s not too late for the rest to also dig deeper into these, because they are promises. What God says, He can achieve, and our part seems to be cooperating with Him. Praise God for His great Love for us, and for helping us to trust Him and follow His Word.

God Bless you,
Pastor Skip