Ok, I’m compelled to respond to yesterday’s ruling, partly because people are asking, and partly because the discussion needs it.

The Court has responded to a National issue from a purely legal position, and people with moral values are very upset, when, in fact, it is moral values that are in conflict. Let me explain:

The controversy contains multiple issues; marriage, rights, rule of law, Christian doctrines, and money. Probably more, but these are the big ones. Examined carefully, I think it’s the last one that is driving this thing, and here’s why. Why do gay people want the “right” to marry? Money. Why is money this problem? Because they have to pay more than married people, so it becomes a “rights” issue.

Americans believe in equal rights, so I think the Court may have gotten this one correct, in that people living together not married are financially disadvantaged, so they are discriminated against, and we’re opposed to discrimination as well. The issue isn’t really “marriage” as much as it is equality, and by this word they mean money! The Court is trying to achieve equality, a Constitutional protection.

This ruling will prove very expensive for the government, as it will cost billions of $$$ to provide all the benefits to gay couples that the married ones get. Money benefits, that is.

The solution is very simple, and will SAVE billions. Even better, it will GENERATE billions, if not trillions, to the budget, which is desperately needed. Instead of giving MORE benefits to MORE people, the government should remove the benefits now given to marrieds. Equality doesn’t have to mean more benefits from the treasury, it just means equal benefits. This probably wont happen, but it is a solution.

So, if we resolve the money issue, the rights issue, and the rule of law issue, that leaves “marriage” and Christian doctrine as the stumbling blocks. So, what should Christians think and do? Just because we have a faith in Christ doesn’t mean we get to define what marriage is for non-believers. We can’t resolve moral issues with laws, which we’ve proven throughout history. Christians should be proclaiming Christ, and following Him, and living out their faith regardless of what non-Christians think and do. STOP:

It is right here that Christians lose the conversation. Right now your mind is whirling with all kinds of “answers” to my points. Right now your are drawn to an argument, and this isn’t Christ!!!

Let the government do what it does. And let the Christians do what they are supposed to do — Love. And pray. And follow Christ. You cannot follow Christ for another person, only for yourself, so, like me, you have a full-time job that should keep you busy!

You might want to take out a piece of paper and write down all the things you think “following Christ” includes, and then try to match those against the marriage issue, as well as your own walk with Him. Personal evaluation is always a good thing.