Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to host this amazing group of kids. It just sort of happened, in a way, because we certainly didn’t “plan” the thing very well. But because of YOU, it happened with wonder and awe and the revealed nature of our God.

There can always be better organization, in a way, but when the Holy Spirit is moving and we dare to join in, well, it just sort of works out to His Glory. That means each of you is/was willing to let Him move, and I’m certain you felt His Presence and Leading.

We are Christians, and by that title we are declaring that we are Christ-ones; or, better still, Little Christs. When “He that is in you…” is operating from within you, then it is no longer ‘you,’ but He doing the thing; as in “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

We are not really part of a religion, but of a relationship. We do best when we allow Jesus to be Lord of our life, and simply follow in obedience. We experience true freedom when we break away from the bondage of the world, and walk in His Spirit. Our best experiences of joy come when it is His joy we feel, not something temporary. Isn’t it amazing how “the cares of this world” that weigh us down disappear when we focus on others, like the Asante kids?

Thank you for hosting. Thank you for providing beds and meals and transportation. Thank you loving on these kids, and praying with/for them, and thank you for giving money too. Thank you for rearranging the church for their use as both a concert hall and their classroom for their schooling. Thank you for helping that wonderful day at the beach, I know they will remember that one! Thank you to Odyssey Productions for the amazing generosity of going to Africa and making a film that can be used over and over to spread the message of this ministry.

We learned the word in Swahili, that we should speak to Jesus often:

ASANTE- Thank You

Pastor Skip Heiney
Dayspring Christian Fellowship