This is a living testimony, written in my heart the last two days, as I successfully connected 3 modems to 3 routers, establishing 3 Wi-Fi hotspots.

You’ve noticed, I’m sure, that it’s the young who know how to do computer stuff. Don’t call grandpa, call his grandson if you need computer help. It gets worse. The computer has made possible The Internet, connecting the entire planet to…..well, everything. And now we have Wi-Fi, that strange name for connecting to the Internet without wires. It gets worse. We now have a broader term for it all, “The Cloud”.

It’s an amazing concept, really, that all of man’s knowledge, good or bad, is somehow shot into the ether, and just held there waiting for us to access it. Who puts it up, and how it gets there, is becoming secondary to the fact that it is, simply, there. How it gets there is a boring question, left to geeks, but the reality that it is there is for all of us. What is
there isn’t really questioned at all, because if it “is” then it can surely be “there.” Why it’s there is easily answered, because someone put it there, which answers the Who put it there. When, isn’t an issue. And where, we’ve said, is The Cloud. Clear?

I’ve also noticed that the older one gets, the more resistant one is to new technology. As we age we like to keep things the way we understand them, and often just put our heads in the sand, ignoring, if possible, whatever is “new.” New stuff requires learning, and
we seem to feel that once we reached a certain age of adulthood we don’t need to learn anymore. It takes effort. It requires being stretched. Etc. We just want to go about being, and being left alone to all these new things is part of it. Ok, let’s just say it, we get set in our ways, and a bit stubborn. Maybe a lot stubborn. After all, we now know it all. Except for all this new stuff.

And then came Pentecost.

For thousands of years God had, on occasion, sent His Holy Spirit to do this or that. We have the record in The Bible and can easily read that God does indeed work toward His plan of reaching us. We are not surprised when we read that the Holy Spirit was sent
by God to do His Will, and mostly just have a lot of questions about why He does what He does, because it is so different that what we would do. In the Old Testament, when the Holy Spirit showed up, it was a big deal, and people paid attention. God worked
something out, and man took notice. Or not.

But then came Pentecost, when God fulfilled His promise through the prophet Joel,
and poured out the His Holy Spirit to everyone? Yes, all. This created quite a
stir, as all kinds of regular folks began experiencing God in powerful ways and means.
Religious leadership didn’t quite know how to handle this, as they were no longer the
primary means of people connecting to the Lord. Did you get that? “Connecting” to the

You see, prior to Pentecost, we had to “hard-wire in” to God though the Law and the Prophets. And priests. And religion. But God Almighty threw down upon us a “new technology,” the Holy Spirit, available to everyone! It’s like He’s The Cloud, and all
we need do is “connect.” He’s no longer limited to a select few who know how to talk to Him, or a more limited few who know how to read His Book. He is now available to everyone, everywhere, at all times. His Holy Spirit has been “poured out” and is now THERE, which is HERE, for any and all to “connect” to.

You can develop the rest of this illustration for yourself, as I’m sure you get it by now. I know there are limitations in any illustration of how God might work, but the task for us is to not be “old” and “stubborn” to His desire to connect to us! He loves us. He loves YOU, and He wants to talk. Go on, go vertical. Let the Holy Spirit have you, and dare to enter His Presence, and allow His Power to both overtake you and then work through you. OMG!!!!