On a walk today Carol and I were having a good chat, talking about ‘why do we like to walk?,’ Skip says “It gives us time. Time to talk things thru. Time to think. Time to be together.”

“In fact, it gives a person time to live.” Hearing his own words, Skip thinks he’s just landed on a great sermon topic, until Carol takes it higher:

Carol says “Most people are too busy looking at how other people live.”

Think about it. We watch sports, and how athletes live, perhaps longing ourselves to do what they do. We watch movies, and live vicariously through the actors and the great places they take us to. In magazines we read about the lives of others, often going deeper into their lives than we do our own. We go to concerts and watch others make music. The entire industry of celebrities is about other people’s lives. You get it? Sure you do.

Why not begin to live yourself? Why not take the time to … live? Why not go where they go, or at least go somewhere!? Why not make your own music? Why not take on the impossible and see what happens? All that can happen is what some call failure; but then again something wonderful may happen, something miraculous, something God may cause, making some impossible thing … possible.

Walking does give one a time to think things thru. And it doesn’t cost anything, except the forfeiture of all the busy-ness you replaced by taking the walk! It’s great for a marriage. It’s a fantastic thing to take the time to be together, talking about realities in life, but also about dreams. In fact, we often DISCOVER one another’s dreams during a walk. It can give a husband a profound and new understanding of what he could provide his wife, and it can give a wife a profound and new understanding of how she can support and respect her husband.

See? The sermons just keep rolling …