Marriage is meant to be enjoyable. Why else even discuss it? Enjoy being together and enjoy being different. Enjoy discovery. Enjoy challenge. Enjoy parenting. Enjoy times apart, which make the reunions so special. Enjoy having much, if you do, but really enjoy having little, because it’s so much easier all around.

We talk about “falling in love.” Falling? Why falling? Perhaps it is from the pedestal of self to the solid foundation of an-other. Other-centeredness is much more stable.Man and woman were created to be together, but it seems they have to fall away from self-centeredness to actually discover the togetherness. It’s a curious thing; worth the exploration; worth the find!

Not falling “away from” as much as “falling to.” As to The Lord Himself. It seems to me that you have to work hard to stay apart from God, because He is working hard to draw you close. Those who are determined to stay apart from God are fighting very hard, and I don’t think they are enjoying this fight. Is it the same with marriage? I think so.

Some will say I have a silly view of life, that I’m being too simple. And yet, if something is not meant to be, it wont be, so you might as well try to discover what God is doing.That is, if it IS meant to be, it will be, so why fight it? Why not pursue the thing? Why not actually try enjoying what is going on, for somewhere in the midst of it all is that which is good, that which God is creating.