Someone said to me today, “Love is a choice.” It made me think the following.  Not to get too technical, but they triggered a little theological point we can look at together. Some say “love is a choice.” They develop this thought with lots of real-world examples. Others say “God is love.” I think the Bible says that. 🙂 So, if God is love … if that’s a definition of God, of Who He is, etc., then it fits that “God is a choice” that some make and many others do not. That’s why I go straight to Jesus/Father/Holy Spirit when entering the marriage counseling zone, because apart from Him nothing else works or makes sense.  To be “in love” means to be “in God.” To “love your wife” means to “God your wife.” Wow. Just think about that.  What does it look like to “God” someone? Certainly it looks much different than if we just care about them in a worldly sense. Let’s go out and “God” people !!!!  🙂 or not.”

Go God.