I don’t have an iPod, or and iPad, or even an MP3 player. I don’t have a smart phone. I don’t have a laptop, a notebook, or a netbook. But I do have a PC, and I do go to the internet every day to do research of one kind or another, so I’m not a totally out-of-it relic. I’m sort of a hip relic, I like to think.

Awhile ago I discovered Youtube. I go there from time to time to listen to songs, and mostly I go there because one of you sends me there to listen to one of your favorites. That happened today, while I was taking a short break from some Bible study, getting ready for Sunday. And then I got lost.

Lost can be a good thing. I revisited my youth and got lost listening to some Elvis songs. His spirituals are terrific. Then I got lost for awhile with John Denver, riding our motorcycles down the George Washington Parkway in Virginia, and then the Mama’s & the Papa’s and my “friend” Cass Elliot, as we revisited nights of singing on M St. in Georgetown. Then I lost it a bit with Celine Dion, who could sing the phone book and make it wonderful, and finally for awhile with the incomparable Willie, as in Nelson.

The time flies by when you’re lost in memories; lost in Youtube.

I can’t be alone in this. Every song you pull up on the screen has a dozen more on the right panel, to make the losing it easier. For the million of songs on Youtube there have to be multiplied millions of people selecting them, posting them, and listening to them. They even have neat little counters showing how many times each has been listened to. They are keeping track!

It strikes me that perhaps God is keeping track too. Perhaps He is wondering why we don’t come to His page more often. A visit to church on Sunday may cause the counter to go up, one count. Worshipping during the week may move the meter a bit. I hope so. A quick read in the Bible certainly gets a notch or two of movement. But we could hardly call these visits as “being lost” in Him, like in Youtube.

What would it be like to be lost in Christ? To be lost in His Word? To be lost in worship?

As great as Youtube is, maybe we should try to move the meter with Jesus, because He’s there. He too is free. He too is an easy download. He too has a vast assortment of stuff to “click on” and discover. Go ahead, give it a try; get lost.