It’s a peculiar thing that the older we get the more questions we have. We go through a time of life where we have lots of answers, because we expend great effort to learn, but then we find that our so-called fix-it answers don’t hold up, and we pause in frustration. This is a good thing, this pause, because it allows us to learn a bit more.

Along the way we have many opportunities to learn from those wiser than us just how to live a victorious life. Conferences and Seminars and Teaching Tapes (CD’s now) are in abundance. Let’s face it, we WANT to learn how to be Victorious!

The real dilemma is: are we willing to DO what it takes to BE victorious? In a spiritual sense, are we willing to BE what it takes to LIVE in victory?

This is not going to be Pastor Skip’s “teaching on how to live the victorious life.” What this is, however, is Pastor Skip’s discovery of what God Almighty says about how to live the victorious life! So, pay attention!

Here is what I want you to do: Read 1 Peter 3-5 and 2 Peter 1-2. Read slowly. Read with a highlighter, to identify specific answers to the question of “how do I live a victorious life?”

It’s only 5 chapters in the Bible.

Read slowly.

Read with the lights on and the noises off.

Ask God before you start to illumine the words He wants you to ‘see,’ because you have an enemy who wants you nearsighted and blind.

I’m telling you it is very clear, very understandable, and amazingly un-complicated. God WANTS us to live a victorious life, so let’s get about it!