Warning! This may challenge your thinking, your preconceived notions, your bias or even your wishes.

But don’t worry, because I’m not saying you’re wrong. Only that by being challenged we grow, and that growth in this area will be good for us, and perhaps others.

Are we in the “last days,” or the “end times”? Can we even know the answer? If we know the answer, or think we know, what should we do about it? What CAN we do about it? Or should we just go on living like the little kid with his hands over his eyes declaring “you can’t see me” to an adult staring him in the face?!

This is the stuff of academics in almost every part of academia, spiritual or not, because the modern physicist and astronomer, poet and philosopher, etc. all go here at times. We should too.

Only God is omniscient, so I suppose we can say that only God knows ALL the answers to these questions, but let’s not cop out that way. We DO have some “knowings” of our own, and we CAN weigh in on the subject with some supportive data, not just feelings.

We could say we are in the “last days”, because these days are after the days we’ve already lived, but that wouldn’t be fair to the point of the question, which is Biblical at its core. Therefore, we must go to the Bible to see if it tells us anything. I think it does, and I think we are in the last days because I understand the term to mean those days AFTER the resurrection and ascension of Christ. What becomes clear, to me at least, is that the term “last days” is not the same as the term “end times.”

Last days of what? End of what times?

I think we are in the last days of time BEFORE the return of Christ. All of the days up to and including the “end times” are included in the “last days.” We can know more about what these days look like by reading the Bible, as there is a lot there to inform us. What happens next is of critical importance, don’t you think?

The “end times,” I think, refer to those specific last days leading up to and INCLUDING the return of Christ, about which there is also much written. Yada yada yada

But wait! There’s more! This is the point, dear ones! God is telling us that He is up to something! Life as we know it may change, but eternity awaits us! Our future is just around the corner, and it is going to be almost indescribable, even though He is trying to describe it to us in His Word. Jesus Christ loves you and is available to you, right now, to lead, guide, and direct your path, if you will only follow! Life WITH Christ, in HIS Kingdom, was, is, and will be much better than we have experienced or can experience on our own.

The skeptic may say “oh yeah, prove it,” and the broken one may say “I don’t get it,” and the weak may say “I don’t have the fight in me any more,” but for all the answer is the same: read the Bible. Let God tell you, and I promise that He will.