These 5 chapters of the Gospel of John cover almost ONE QUARTER of the thing, and yet it covers a period of time about 24 hours, maybe a little longer, in the life of Christ. One could conclude that John thinks highly of this information, to devote so much to it.

Every time I read this section I am challenged, convicted, perplexed, and filled with joy and wonder and awesomeness, as the I AM speaks again.

As I read I nod my head, as if I understand what I’m reading. I think I do. I mean, I understand the words ok, and they seem to make sense. I’m a learned man, sort of, at least with a college education, and I’m willing, aren’t I, to keep learning? Of course I am. I’m a bit like Nicodemus. Educated, and in “leadership”. And yet I hunger for Truth and know that I don’t know much, especially about God’s Kingdom. So I come to Jesus, by day or by night, asking again and again the questions we all have. And Jesus speaks to me every time. May I (we) have ears to hear.

May I suggest you read these 5 chapters, and ponder this question: “What is the self?”

Don’t blow me off here. What is self? Or, what is a self? You may want to write out your answer so you can look at this/these question(s) more completely. To “ponder” means to examine carefully, to search about, to consider deeply, etc. Do you have a self? Are you a self? If so, what is selfishness? What is self-centeredness? What is self concern? Self protection? What is it to be self absorbed?

Is there anything in chapters 13 thru 17 to address the self? If so, what?

You should know by now that I’m not interested in fancy analysis or complex theology. I’m interested in shoe-leather application, as if our lives depended on it! They do! The reality that can explode off these pages is transformative. It can change the life of the reader! There is a great mystery revealed in these few pages, and the revelation is worth the search, worth the find, and worth the results.

Go ahead- see if you “get it”. If you don’t, go ahead and ask; I’d be glad to tell you!