Ok, let’s ‘interpret the tongue.’

In my use here, a blog is a fairly short writing about something. This blog, then, is my response to an email I received, from a trusted source. A ‘link’ is a reference to what was emailed to me, which is given below, which is from a law professor, addressing his students. You will need to read the ‘link,’ before my response, if you can.


(To the person who sent me the email) that is so, … timely! I’ve just been studying Romans 12:2 “be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds,” word by word, in the Greek, to try to “get it.”

You see, it is Christmas-time, and this is a time of year when “feelings” are heightened with all sorts of family issues, financial issues, emotional issues of all kinds … so many based on “feelings.”

Even the “facts” we use to justify the “feelings” are selected to support the “feeling” and avoid the veracity of it all, much less the Word of God.

I’m asking God to really TRANSFORM me, into “another form,” says the Greek, and am completely dependent upon Christ Jesus for any of it to happen, other than my willingness …

Even hospital and doctor visits increase this time of year, as the emotional invades the physical and generate real medical issues to deal with.

I am in no way making light of the power of feelings, of emotions, to impact our physical bodies and certainly our minds. My desire is to learn from God how to deal with it spiritually; Godly; His way. Perhaps we would do well to pray, asking God to fulfill Romans 12:2 in our own, personal lives.

Jesus Christ is the biggest “change agent” of all history, for He comes to change US, into a New Creation. “Create in me a clean heart, Oh God, and renew a right spirit within me.”