Saturday, the day in-between!  From the Crucifixion on Friday to the Resurrection on Sunday lies Saturday…a day of great agony and perceived loss by the followers of Jesus.

They must have  been very frustrated, to have put so much hope into a victorious Savior, only to see Him crucified and buried. All their personal sacrifice of following Him is now being questioned, I’m sure, as to whether it was ‘worth it.’ “Were we wrong?” I’m sure they were asking. “Did we not see the great things He did?” “Wasn’t our time with Him the most glorious time of our lives?” “Were not the Scriptures so fulfilled by His life that left no doubt?” “Wasn’t all this actually foretold to us, and yet we can’t comprehend it?” “What’s going on?” “What now?” “Where will we go, and what will we do now?”

These were not the first to have such questions. Imagine those who believed in a coming Messiah, years before He arrived as Christ Jesus, and who died, whether by normal live cycles or some calamity. I’m sure they were wondering about their faith too! And yet, the faithful, those who held fast and didn’t reject the God of Love Who was calling to them throughout the ages, what happened to them? Where did they go, to await the great Resurrection that was coming?

In the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16, Jesus gives us a bit of information. It talks about a place in the under-world where the departed are ‘kept,’ some in torment, some not. In Ephesians 4:8-10 we get a bit more. Paul tells us that Jesus descended “to the lowest parts of the earth,” which was surely a reference to Hades/Hell.  Whether this is literal or not is up to debate, as some believe that the dead before the Resurrection were ‘asleep’ until the trumpet blows and the ‘dead in Christ’ arise. I’m not trying to be dogmatic. I surely don’t know the absolute answer, seeing as how others in the Faith have differing opinions as to interpretation here.

The point is this: that on Saturday, the day in-between Jesus’ death and Resurrection, time sort of stood still for the believers. Tears were shed. Questions were asked. Doubts were rising within them, even as they do today within us! This is very much like the night Peter had when he denied Christ 3 times, as each believer has to sort through his/her own faith. We can ask ‘why’ to so many questions, can’t we? And yet, time seems to stand still for many of those answers!

On Saturday, in between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, one should settle, solidify, make permanent  one’s faith. Even if you don’t get the answer you asked for, that doesn’t mean God isn’t at work. You are not in charge, He is. He is determining the times, and the pauses in between. Let this day be a Glorious Day as you find new strength and new resolve, knowing what happens tomorrow! Jesus said “Remember Me…” because He didn’t want us to forget!

You see, we are not like those of old who didn’t know where they were or what was happening. We DO KNOW. We have the Scriptures, of course, but we also have what the old-timers call A WITNESS, the very action and unction of the Holy Spirit, to Comfort us, and to Confirm in us the truth being revealed ‘tomorrow.’ Jesus Christ DID rise from the dead. Jesus Christ DID fulfill the Scriptures. Jesus Christ DID appear for 40 more days, and release many, as many as 500, to join Him in those days. This is the record of Bible history! And, today, this time-standing-still-Saturday, WE can rejoice, because the ‘secret’ is kept hidden no longer! Revelation has happened, through Christ’s Resurrection, and revelation can happen over and over for us, as we allow it.

I pray for you today, that you will be filled to overflowing with anticipation and joy and confidence. I pray that you will learn that the in-between times are those times when God is up to something so incredible and wonderful that we can’t quite ‘get it.’ This virus attack is just that, and we know that our Lord wins, even if some of us die, and that we have the certainty of life forever with Him. We are those who have enough faith to weather any storm, plague, fire or tumult! We are those for whom Christ died, and that makes us very valuable, in spite of circumstances.

It’s Saturday…..and God is up to something!

Pastor Skip