This week is Holy Week, celebrated as such by Christians all over the world. We are divided in many ways, but we are always united in, by, and through Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior.

Just to put things into perspective, and hopefully lift your spirits just a bit as we get through another week on planet earth, review the following Christian Calendar we follow:

  • Nov/Dec: Advent- the 4 weeks before Christmas- a time of great expectation.
  • Dec: Christmas- the celebration of the arrival of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The great battle heats up!
  • Jan 6: The Day of Epiphany- the visit of the wise men to baby Jesus; their “discovery”. Their “a ha” moment!
  • March 5: Ash Wednesday- the beginning of Lent, in preparation for Holy Week, with fasting and prayer. Not just a Catholic observance, but also by Protestants as well, albeit much less celebrated.
  • April 13: Palm Sunday- the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem- things are about to change forever!
  • April 14: This year, Holy Week begins on this Monday, which also happens to be Passover- ok, this one is celebrated by the Jews, but we would do well to remember it as well. Jesus IS our Passover Lamb.
  • April 17: Maundy Thursday- the Last Supper is held; Jesus washed the feet of the Disciples, and established “communion” “…to remember me.”
  • April 18: Good Friday- the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth- good for us!
  • April 20: Easter Sunday- I prefer to call it Resurrection Day. Talk about triumph!
  • May 29: Ascension Day- the last earthly appearance of Christ.
  • June 8: Pentecost- the Holy Spirit is sent to Christ’s disciples, and the birth of the Christian Church.
  • Oct/Nov: Hallows Eve and All Saints Day are not universally recognized as Holy Days, although many do.

Added to these dates are many Feasts and Festivals our Jewish friends celebrate. I suppose a Jew who has accepted Christ gets to use both calendars, and keeps busier than we Protestants. This may be a very good thing for them, as they don’t just have a party, they reflect on what God has done for them through the ages!

I do pray that this week you will be drawn closer to God through Jesus Christ. That you will be able to remember what He has done for you, even in the midst of any pain or trouble you face. It is only temporary, but Christ is eternal! I pray that this week you will experience an “a ha” moment of some kind, and that the fire of faith will burn deep within you, as Resurrection Day approaches.

Tuesday of Holy Week
According to 2 Corinthians 1:20 “For all the promises of God in Him are yea, and in Him, Amen, unto the glory of God by us.” KJV

As we ponder the stones we will leave at the cross on Sunday, the promises of God are that He heals, saves, and delivers. Faith believes this, no matter what one sees with temporary eyes.

Perhaps, instead, you can lay a stone at the cross BECAUSE of a promise of God, fulfilled in your life, as a Thanksgiving! Hallelujah!

Thursday of Holy Week
The Promises of God, the Power of God, and today, The Humility of God. Humility? Yes. For it was Thursday, Maundy Thursday, that Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, and led them in Communion. Even the feet of Judas! Humility defeats many enemies, such that the sword is never drawn!

As you think about laying a stone at the Cross, remember the Humility of God, and be honest with your prayers.

Good Friday
Good Friday, when the Promise of God was surely tested, and the Power of God was uniquely displayed, and the Humility of God was broadcast to all, through the Sacrifice of God.

On this day many questions remained to be answered, and many doubts had to be faced, as faith was sorely tested.

Laying a stone at the Cross may require a step of faith. Take the step.

Saturday we think about the Patience of God, because today we wait to see what will happen. The reality of death is before us, and the hope of resurrection remains, tugging at our faith.

As you consider laying a stone at the Cross, let your faith arise. We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, AND by the word of our testimony! Let that stone signal a testimony!

You are invited to bring a stone to lay at the Cross on Sunday morning during our celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. The stone can signify anything in your life you wish to shed, as you lay it down, in Jesus’ Name. Or, it may be a ‘stone of remembrance’ of some deliverance you’ve already experienced, and thereby becomes a testimony. Hopefully it can be both, for surely both are needed in our lives.