2 Cor 9:7 is translated in most Bibles as “…God loves a cheerful giver.” Perhaps a better word is “hilarious,” for what God really loves is one who gives with such joy and such abandon that it can make sense only to God.

It is The Lord providing the ability to make the gift(s) in the first place. Can you see it? Can you see the freedom that comes from following Jesus, and being obedient when He speaks?

Here is what we at Dayspring have been led to give to, and what gives us that wild abandon and joy. In traditional terms these are our “missions,” but I prefer to say these are our “followings.” Check it out, and ask the Lord Jesus if you should join us in these things:

Banks Christian Academy, offfering pre-K thru 8th grade education

Mexico Missions Team w/ annual trips to Mexico to feed and work with the poor

Puppets And Praise, a children’s eveangelism team

The Tuality Chaplain’s office, for salary support

Bridges For Peace, in support of Israel

Gideon’s International, for placement of Bibles

World Vision, for support of the poor around the world

Base Camp, our youth ministry in Banks

Local area Food Bank and clothing supply as needs arise