It’s the end of another year, when lists of the best and worst of this and that are popular, and when we remember famous or loved people who have died during the year passed. It’s also the time of renewal of expectations, as a New Year launches us into New Hope, for victories over all that hinder us.

I love the coming of a new year. I love the emotional shedding of anything negative as I determine to look ahead to better days. That’s why Spring is so wonderful, as the sun breaks through the grey days of Winter and we rejoice with new life bursting through the once frozen ground.

You see, a participation is required. We get to choose whether to stay in Winter, or let Spring happen, and we also get to choose whether to receive the new year with faithful expectation, or to continue in the old. Now, here is where the skeptic, or worse yet the scientific, would point out that we get no choice whatsoever about the seasons. They happen without us doing anything, and without any participation by us at all. Well, that is exactly the difference between science, and Faith!

I believe we CAN make choices that supersede science, which is exactly what miracle is: super-natural. I believe we CAN put off the old man and put on a new. I believe we CAN be people of Faith, not ‘over’ circumstances, but in spite of them! I believe we CAN pray for our enemies, love our wives, respect our husbands, help the poor, and all the other wonderful ‘guidance’ we find in our Bible. The Law HAS been fulfilled in Christ, and because of Christ all things are made new, even YOU, as you let Him do what He loves to do—transform—-YOU.
Happy New Year, and Happy New YOU!