Science cannot reconcile these differences (from Part 1), and neither can religious dogma, as each side is well entrenched, admittedly resistant to change. I’m sure the scientist feels that one day the discovery will be made to prove the theory into fact. Perhaps with the finding of a ‘missing link’ or some archeological find of a ‘transitional form’ of fish to bird, etc. We’ve had lots of folks looking through lots of scopes, and none so far, but they will keep looking.

Certainly the Christian awaits the Day of the Lord, that great day of Christ’s second appearing, which will clearly end the debate. For the time being, both are in the future, so is there anything more to say? Of course.

The Bible does shed additional light. Moving beyond the story of Creation in the Old Testament, the New Testament writer Paul points out what I call the “tragic exchange.” Both Old and New Testaments reveal the sad consequences of “exchanging” one’s belief in God, or perhaps even more dangerous the “rejecting” of God, for that which God made.

The carved images man makes and worships cannot do anything. The gold and silver images man moulds into idols cannot heal, save, or deliver. The creature is not the Creator, and cannot become God, with Scriptural evidence as to the disaster that happens when it is attempted!