Jesus Christ is not only alive, He is living! The life that Jesus Christ is living is much more than Christians routinely think about. We who are Christians would do well to reconsider His living because He is living IN us, if we can grasp such a thing! Col 1:27

Jesus Christ is Living Water! – Jn 4:10
How many of us are spiritually dehydrated? And yet, the Living Water
is here for us to drink.

He is the Living Bread – Jn 6:51
How many of us are spiritually starving, and hungry? And yet, the
Living Bread is so readily available for us to eat.

With the Living Message – Acts 7:38
How many of us are living off-message? The most important message
of all time? And yet, the message is probably on our bookshelf!

He is the Living God – Acts 14:15
We don’t talk much about idols in our current culture, but how many
of us have forgotten that Jesus Christ alone is God Almighty? How
many idols have we pursued, when the Living God is right here with

The Living Sacrifice – Rom 12:1
We don’t talk much about sacrifice either, almost like it’s only for
some other person to do. We forget the eternal benefits we inherit
because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And yet, He is a Living
Sacrifice, available to each of us, even now.

He is a life-giving Spirit – 1 Cor 15:45
How many of us crave a more purposeful life? How many are
discouraged and alone? How many spiritually dying or dead? And yet,
Jesus Christ comes for just this purpose, to give us life through His
Spirit, for each of us!

He is the Living Word – Jn 1:1
How many of us just don’t know what to do, feel confused or
conflicted, and need ‘a word’ ? And yet, Jesus Christ IS the Word!

The Living Camino (WAY) – Heb 10:20
How many of us have lost our way, our direction, and gotten side-
tracked somehow, and don’t know the way back? Jesus Christ is the
Way, and He yearns to lead and direct those who will..….follow Him.

The Living Hope – 1 Peter 1:3
How many of us have lost hope because of circumstances, giving up
the very life we dreamed of? Hope is not dead. Jesus Christ is the
Living Hope, and very much alive and able to restore.

The Living Stone – 1 Peter 2:4
How many of us have tripped up somehow in life? Stumbled? Banged
our head? Fallen down? The Lord God has put before us a Living
Stone, and the more we fight against this stone the more we hurt
ourselves and stumble. We would do much better to stand upon
Jesus Christ, obeying His Word, and allowing the Living Stone to
support us and protect us instead of tripping us!

He is the Living ONE – Revelation 1:18
There are many things in our lives demanding our attention, our
time, our resources, and our loyalty. How many of us get the
priorities out of order? Now is a good time to get back to what is
most important, to what will answer your questions, and to Whom
loves you so much. Why put it off? (Go ahead, try to answer that
question, and see what or whom you really serve.)