The mother of a family of 5 children asked the father to help with getting the kids ready for bed. Dad thought that his 6-yr old son would do well to take a shower this night, so began helping him get that done. Just before stepping into the shower the boy says “Dad, did you know you can talk to God even though you can’t see Him?” Not knowing exactly where this came from, or why, and not really prepared for a thorough father/son theological discussion, with a 6-yr old, the task at hand was to get the boy clean, so the father replies “Of course, son, you can talk to God at any time,” and pulled the curtain as the boy entered the shower.

The boy then began, to the father’s amazement, wonder, and delight, a conversation with God.

We have questions, right? What did the boy say? What did God say? What topics did this conversation with God cover? Certainly not about World politics or National crises of any kind. Certainly not about how to solve the fiscal cliff! What could a small child possibly have to talk to God Almighty about?

They probably talked about the more important things. Perhaps the boy asked “God, how are you today?” or “God, my sister’s sick. Please make her well” or the boy may have said to God “Christmas is coming. Can I get you anything?”

I know this 6-yr old boy. I see him almost every Sunday, and I can assure you he simply believes in Jesus, and believes that you can talk to Him, about anything. The Love they share, this boy and Jesus, is available to each of us. Jesus is ready to talk with you about anything, so ponder what you might want to say to Him, and then begin…