It is Good Friday, and this little phrase came to me: CONCENTRATIONS OF POWER. But why? What is the Lord trying to say to me? To us?

We know that in team sports, CONCENTRATIONS OF POWER are not only sought, but necessary to win.

We know that in the world of commerce, companies buy up one another in CONCENTRATIONS OF POWER, to better compete in the marketplace.

We know that in the history of the world, one country after another has launched CONCENTRATIONS OF POWER to advance their national or political agenda.

What we see in the world’s religions today are CONCENTRATIONS OF POWER to win both converts and economic advantage. The desire to ‘win’ is a pretty normal thing in the animal kingdom.

Jesus Christ talked about another Kingdom. His Kingdom.

It seems to me there are CONCENTRATIONS OF POWER happening right now, not only on earth, but in the Spiritual realms. Look at the newspaper, or TV, or any source for news you have. It’s impossible to miss the tension developing all over the world between Islam and Christianity.

And yet, somehow, we must understand that Christianity is not a power. Christianity is a following. Christianity is a relationship with a person. Christianity is a faith IN someOne.

The Power in Christianity is not us; it is Jesus Christ. The Kingdom of Christ is His. His rule. His reign. His Power. It’s not like we join the winning side in some human contest and we win the trophy! Jesus Christ is the Victor, and we, if we will, are His.

It’s Good Friday, for us! His sacrifice was for us! His Victory is for us!

The great CONCENTRATIONS OF POWER going on right now, however they might be, have an outcome already decided. Jesus Christ defeats the other powers, builds His Kingdom, and unfolds eternity …