Introducing “Camino 3:52”

A “camino” is a walk, a path, and is meant to be an opportunity for spiritual discovery and growth. Walking gives one the time and solitude to be alone with God. Doug Terpening has shared how his walks, around his neighborhood, give him time to process life, and talk to God, so his testimony confirms what Carol and I discovered in Spain.

But not everyone can go to Spain, right? However, everyone CAN begin a Camino, and we will do so, together, for 2015!

This coming year we will all join in a “Camino of the Bible”- a walk through the Word of God!

Rev 12:11- we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, AND the word of our testimony! But so many ask, “What is my testimony?” or say “I don’t have one,” etc.

Camino 3:52 may solve the problem!

Psalm 143:8-10 gives us 3 prayers to ask God, which will give us, on a daily basis, a testimony!

Each week we will read the Scriptures provided in the Reading Plan, found in the bulletin every week, and posted on our website.

Every DAY we will be looking at the text to answer our 3-pronged prayer. As God shows us in His Word how He answers these prayers, our personal testimony is revealed. Write it down on the pad provided.
Listen to Heb 8:8-12. Did you notice that it says we won’t have to teach each other? What? How can that be? What will happen to all the preachers in all the churches?

So, here is where it gets interesting. Every Sunday you will be able to share your testimony, fulfilling Revelation’s promise of overcoming Victory!

You won’t forget it, because you will have it written down, and in your Bible.

You’ll be able to tell others how God “showed” you how to walk, “rescued” you from an enemy, or “taught” you His will. Wow!

Not sermons, but testimonies of God’s intervention and power in your life!