Yes, these are things that blow stuff up! Usually we think of bombshells in a negative way, as if in a war of some kind. Well, we ARE in a war, and we need some bombshells to blow some stuff up!

Reading the Bible this week uncovered all kinds of bombshells, able to blow up all kinds of stuff in my mind, if I would allow it. Imagine that! An enemy wants to bomb you, and you have the ability to cause it to pass by.

God, you see, is an enemy of worldliness and unfaithfulness. He wants to drop bombs on all of that which we cling to that isn’t Him! He isn’t OUR enemy, but the enemy of all that prevents us from yielding to Him.

Do we, then, let Him blow up the stuff in our lives that prevents us from living His Way? Or do we pass Him off so we can keep doing what we want, unencumbered with the Ways of the Spirit? Can you see it? Is it too simple? The Bible really does provide all kinds of bombshells to blow up the stuff in our lives hostile to God! His purpose is not OUR destruction, but the destruction of what keeps us from Him!

Why not try reading the Bible, today, with this idea in mind, that God will drop insight upon you! That He will instruct you in how to live! That He will show you how much He loves you! That He will reveal to you what you need to know, and DO!