One of the “tests” I use when reading commentary about Scripture, to try to discern between “what sayeth the Lord” and “what sayeth a man,” is the test of Love. Its easy to line up various Bible verses to try to prove a point, and a bias usually surfaces, a prejudice if you will. Bible commentators, after all, are just people who are trying to answer a question someone else is asking. Generally speaking I tend to agree with the wisdom of “balance” in these things, rather than extremes. But on occasion God is very extreme, so I can’t always rely on balance. However, I CAN always rely on Love. Because God IS Love. So┬áLove is my primary thermometer of discernment, and if nothing else it helps my blood pressure!!!

When considering a so-called “natural disaster,” none of us really knows whether “God did it” or not, just like we don’t know if God is “doing” all the sickness we fight or anything else we can’t control or explain. The fact is, God is God, and He can do whatever He wants whether we like it or not, whether we understand or not, whether we can explain it or not. I put my faith not so much in trying to answer all the tough questions, but in the pure Love Of God, the One Who has said He loves ME, and will take care of me. Thank you Jesus, Amen.