Mixed with the almost unbearable grief is the growing outcry for some kind of change; some kind of control; just some way to stop it all. The pain is real, and so is the National Confusion about what to do. In this day of instant communication opinions flow like water, the media has a field day with our emotions, and the enemy of our very souls increases his purpose to rob, kill, and destroy.

Is there an answer? With so many tangled and intertwined issues of safety and rights, protections and freedoms, can anyone see through the fog of it all? Can a government really DO anything about it?

As if the horror of mass shootings isn’t enough for our National psyche, what about this “dirty dozen”?

  1. Marriage, marital issues, & problems
  2. Parenting
  3. Debt & financial problems
  4. Shootings, gun control, crime & the prison crisis
  5. Illnesses, medicine, diet & healthcare
  6. Relationships. Contracts. Lawsuits & justice
  7. Power, control, authoritarianism, government & leadership
  8. Immigration, State’s rights, & National boundaries/identity
  9. Women’s rights, minority rights, discrimination & personhood
  10. Sexuality, porn, gender confusion & personal identity
  11. Bullying, anger issues, power & submission
  12. Confidence issues, pride, & a surrendered faith

It’s a fair question to ask how I came up with this 12, and not some others, for surely I’ve missed some. I admit to trying to ‘simplify’ the entire question, because I am convinced we are caught in a ‘web of complexity’ when in fact ‘simple’ is the answer. This list did not come from the daily paper or the nightly news, but from the Church Directory!

A pastor is one who shepherds the sheep, to use a Biblical metaphor. This has many facets, but most would agree that it includes knowing the sheep, and protecting them, if possible, and leading them to the green pastures of good food. So when I let my eyes scan the Directory and think about what I “know” about those persons, well, the list forms.

I suppose our President feels this way at times. Our Congress, hopefully, is thinking about these things. Surely our Supreme Court must deal with this thought process to do its job.

So what’s gone wrong? With all these people in government, wanting to do what is best for their constituents, why are we in such a time of wretchedness, in the midst of the very abundance we all work for?

Is there answer, or are the problems just too big, too complex, and the Nation too fractured to deal with them?
I say it is simple. I say we can deal with them, effectively. I say the answer is the same it’s been for over 6500 years of recorded history. The purpose of history, after all, is to learn from the choices and decisions of those before us, and to not make the same mistakes. We have a book of history that reveals the record of man’s choices, and the results of those choices. It is clear. It is simple.

The Bible records in the Old Testament the choices that the people of God, the Hebrews, made over many years. It reveals the Blessings they enjoyed when they obeyed God, and it records the suffering they experienced when God allowed their enemies to put them into bondage.

Nothing could be more clear, more simple to comprehend. Follow God and be Blessed; reject God and be in bondage to another.

The New Testament reveals the Savior for ALL mankind, and offers this salvation to ALL, regardless of anything but the simple choice of obedience!

Why won’t America get it? Why won’t America wake up? Why are so many determined to keep the veil over their eyes and deny the answer right in front of them, the answer our Founders knew and tried to create a government to continue?

Why, indeed, would you WANT a separation between Church and State? Why, instead, wouldn’t you want an INFUSION of Church and State? Because you don’t want the State telling the Church what to do? It cannot. The State is a creation, and the creation cannot rule the Creator! Let the Creator have His way!

Look at the results. We’ve thrown God out of our government and then wonder why we have so many problems. I told you, the answer is really very simple. Return to the Lord Jesus Christ, call upon Him for His Leadership, surrender to Him, and expect the Blessings to return. Or not …