I woke up today (3/14/13), mind filling with all sorts of thoughts about the day and what I must do. Something didn’t seem right, so I determined to pray- to enter my prayer closet- to orient my mind to God instead of the world. And God spoke to me, about Communion. About the Sacramental nature of this Holy time we share.

I found myself almost immediately repenting. Apologizing, if you will, to God, for being so worldly minded and so consumed with all that is temporary. I told Him I was weak, and easily distracted from Him, and that I was truly sorry, and that I needed His strength to even keep this conversation going.

I rebuked the devil, and commanded his spirits and influences to leave me, using Jesus’ Name as my authority, with a strong Amen to end. Immediately I was praying in the Spirit, and found that my whole system relaxed and became at peace. I love to pray in tongues because it is so freeing.

Free from the games the mind plays, where we try to determine an outcome by our own will, rather than allowing God’s Will to be done. Free from concerns about how “right” the prayer might be, or how my thoughts might conform to correct doctrine. Free from external pressures of time and place, and free from all the other voices that compete for our attention, whether human or spirit.

And then, almost interrupting my prayer, came another voice, as it were, but such that it wasn’t offending but rather so important that I just naturally stopped to listen because I knew, somehow, that it was important now to listen. Whether this was totally new information, or an actual interpretation of the tongue I had been praying I don’t know. I’m ok with it being either, and not bound by some regulation that says my conversation with God Almighty has to conform to anything I even think I understand. It’s just wonderful, that’s all, so I stopped praying and began listening, with no struggle.

As I listened, I heard familiar words; words that I knew somehow. And I began to whisper, along with the Voice, in unison. As I did so I began to realize “we” were praying together the Apostle’s Creed, which I had learned as a child. As this sort of tapered off I was impressed again, not so much by a voice as by a thought, about Communion. And the words “Remember Me” were prominent, almost as if I was being instructed to focus upon them.

It was as if The Wonderful Lord Himself was showing us how to keep remembering Him; by repeating the creed. This is not now a time when we institute a new element of liturgy, but rather visit an old one, time tested, proven, even given to us by God Himself. The purpose of reciting a creed is that it helps us focus on what we believe, and brings us together in worship, unifying all our backgrounds and doctrinal preferences into a … Communion, as we fulfill the instruction to “Remember Me.”