I love science because science proves things. The entire methodology of the ‘scientific method’ is to be absolutely certain that something is as we think it to be, and that we can prove it! Some people think science and faith have to go separate ways, because we can’t “prove” faith; that faith isn’t absolute, but metaphysical (beyond physics).
Consider, then, the word “truth.” What is truth? How can we know, or is it even possible to know for certain that something is truth.

Now consider the new “discoveries” about Pluto. Isn’t it amazing that what scientists used to tell us was “truth” about Pluto has been modified by what we learn from the satellite fly-by and wonderful pictures sent back to us. Has truth been changed, or have we learned new things? Perhaps both? If scientific truth has been changed, then it wasn’t true, so that may challenge what we say is “truth” so concretely in our science books.

The Bible tells us some interesting things, some fantastical things, that we struggle to comprehend, much less understand for our daily lives. Jesus said “I tell you the truth” at least 69 times in the Bible record, and I’m sure much more often in His real life. In John 14:6 He even goes so far as to say that He is “the truth.” That’s a definition of who Jesus Christ is. Truth. Can we prove it?

In Exodus 3:13 Moses asks God what His name is! God replies “I Am that I Am.” God simply says He is; He exists; implying, of course, that we now have to deal with that!

Perhaps even more peculiar is what John 1:1 says- that God existed BEFORE anything else, because everything has been made by God, except God, Who has been existent forever.

The point is that Truth is more than what we think “correct” is, based upon our ability to prove it! Truth is another name for Jesus Christ, the Messiah, God Almighty.

What our human cultures say is correct, as in politically correct or socially correct, is not necessarily what God wants. This is a huge problem. We are daily making choices based upon what WE want, instead of what God wants.

Think about how profoundly sad this is, because God wants for us the very best! God wants for us a life of joy and happiness beyond what we can comprehend- a life with Him!!!