Dear Dayspring: It’s Jan 3 and I’m rollin’! Ok, no side comments about my roll, just try to keep up with the direction here!

It’s a New Year, but for many it’s the same ol’ stuff over and over. Some folks are ‘stuck’ in situations and can’t seem to get un-stuck. You’ve got yours and I’ve got mine, and we learn to just move along anyway and sort of agree not to ‘go there.’

But Jesus Christ comes to change things. He comes to save, of course, but He also comes to heal and to deliver and to lead and to shine light, and to do whatever else needs to be done IN OUR LIVES.

If you wish to participate, check out the attached 10 Questions and let me know your responses, by return email or by letter. It’s just a beginning, but, after all, that’s where everything starts! “In the beginning….”

A New Year’s Review – 2017 – 10 Questions
As you read the following, please take some time to answer the questions before moving along to the next, as it will be more meaningful to you. Maybe even write out some short comments to help anchor your process of thinking this through.

1. What is your view of humanity?
2. What is your actual perception of humanity, which means humans, which ultimately means you!?
3. Is your view of humanity high or low?

Ok, by now you’re read 3 questions and probably not written anything down. You have opinions about this stuff and you know what you feel. Terrific. Now see if you can put them on paper…BEFORE going on to the next questions.

4. Are you good or bad?
5. Who made you?
6. Did your Maker make you good or bad?

Ok, you just read 3 more questions. Did you stop to write anything down? Why not?

7. Have you inherited anything from your Maker?
8. What?
9. Was the incarnation (Jesus becoming flesh) a step down for God?
10. Why or why not?

Would you be willing to send me your thoughts? Those answers to the above? Obviously there is no right or wrong to how you feel, but it may reveal some things.

Love to you,
Pastor Skip