Here are 10 things I took away from Amanda’s message on September 4th:

  1. God has proved faithful when I said “yes” to Him.
  2. Fear keeps you from doing things.
  3. If you don’t say “yes” to Him, He will go to someone else.
  4. From the Voice: Looking for a Lion, John saw the Lamb!
  5. So? So worship!
  6. Worry? Choose worship!
    Fear? Choose faith!
    Remember who your God is! (communion)
  7. Worship releases faith in the soul.
  8. God will spare you from the pain, or, He will bring you through the pain!
  9. We’re not here just to live and then die. We’re here to live and see Jesus, and then see Him again.
  10. The struggle will be worth it!