God will Accept Broken Hearts but
He must have all the Pieces

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Pastor’s Featured Blogs

Saturday of Holy Week

Saturday, the day in-between! From the Crucifixion on Friday to the Resurrection on Sunday lies Saturday…a day of great agony and perceived loss by the followers of Jesus. They must have been very frustrated, to have put so much hope into a victorious Savior, only to see Him crucified and buried. [Read More]

Good Friday

This is a very unique day for the Christian; very specific, in fact, TO Christianity. Our entire understanding of spiritual things is now rooted in Good Friday, because we believe that God is Good. I’m sure the other faith systems think their god is good too, mostly, well, except for some of the Greek gods of war and terror.

Maundy Thursday

In the more formal Christian churches, where Holy Week is recognized on the Church Calendar, today is called Maundy Thursday. While the less formal Christian churches don’t necessarily ‘follow’ the Liturgical Calendar, they certainly do not minimize the teachings from Scripture which make up the more formalized traditions. I love traditions that bring me closer to Christ, deeper IN Christ, and help me with my daily life.

Wednesday of Holy Week

This week is Holy Week…the week leading up to the Cross, the day of enduring the Cross, the pure Victory the Cross fulfilled, and the Resurrection. Our entire Christian faith is based upon what happened, not to Jesus Christ, but for us! Our devotional this week points out that the Cross was the very purpose of God, fulfilled by God, to restore mankind into fellowship with God.

Weekly Bible Reading

For this year's congregrational reading we will be going through Jesus Pocket Promise Book.


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