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A Home for Gina and Heather Ann

by Jason

What would you do if you suddenly had excruciating pain in your brain and spine, and the doctor tells you to relocate? What if you also had an autistic Down Syndrome child and the house you bought at the recommendation of a reputable contractor, is a money pit?

That’s exactly what happened to Gina. She needs your prayers above all, but also your help. James 2:16 says, “If one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace; keep warm and well fed’, but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?”

Gina has debilitating pain yet is working to support her daughter and herself. She was advised by her doctor to lesson her stress, so she moved to Michigan where she has found an excellent school for her daughter. After many repairs, her home is still unlivable. She is forced to rent util repairs can be completed but has run out of funds.

Gina did her best to avoid these problems — now she needs your help. She’s been told it will take $75k to make the house livable. Please consider donating to help Gina finish repairs on their home. Search “Gina and Heather Ann” on gofundme.com

YOU CAN HELP is multiple ways: 1) Donate via GoFundMe. 2) Go to GoFundMe and share the link on social media. 3) Copy and display this flyer in any location.

Any amount is greatly appreciated. God bless you! I am writing this for the Dugan’s daughter Gina Borino — George Daskalakis

Kid’s Corner

by Pastor Skip

The kids have their own special fellowship area now (at the small brown tables in the back of the regular fellowship area) to eat, play games, and hang out. We will get a “Kid’s Corner” sign on the wall in the next few weeks. There are games back there to play at the tables or in the hallway. A new game will be added each week for the next month and recommendations are welcome. See Mrs. Heiser if you have a game you would like to see back in the Kid’s Corner and it might show up!

Operation Christmas Child

by Pastor Skip

Is is time to start packing Christmas shoe boxes for children around the world, in partnership with Samaritans Purse. What a joy! If you have any questions about the shoe box ministry, please see Joyce Krull.

Mexico Mission Trip

by Pastor Skip

Please keep our Mexico Missions Team in your prayers. Pray for continued health and peace as they prepare for this journey and for the Lord’s covering while they are away. May their hearts and the hearts of those they server be impacted in a new way by the love of God! The team is excited to go down and server the people in Mexico and they are so grateful for your continued love and support along the way! They will go down as an extension of you, for the glory of God!

Asante is Coming Soon!

by Pastor Skip

The Asante children’s choir from East Africa will be at Dayspring on Sunday, April 26th, 6:00 pm for a special concert. Please sign up if you are able to host some of the Asante children and chaperones while they are in the area on April 23,24,25 (Thursday and Friday night). See Amanda for host family information.

Dayspring Service Opportunity

by Pastor Skip

If anyone is interested in serving fellowship snacks one Sunday each month, please see Amanda. Serving snacks is a pretty easy job to do, but it is also a great chance to fellowship and serve here at Dayspring.